The great taboo, and how to neutralize home

The design and decorate the houses could not avoid the sense of intolerance of feng shui. However, there are ways to resolve for a better life.


Express 1
If doors, windows open to the balcony or outside in the sunlight with a kitchen area or travel straight to the door key, you can use curtains to shield tuc.Cua regular place on the main board to place the would have committed the so-called "radial Police" in the hard money that accumulates, all have the property be demolished.
Resolve method: Put a barrier between the district government through the doors and balcony doors arranged in a fish tank (If the statement is calculated using hydrophobic water fronts as well). Can arrange a door to the balcony window, or better than hanging curtains, if not in the balcony can list all other plants to reduce airflow braking radiation pulse, or planting trees climbing rig.
Express 2
Balcony can not directly opposite the kitchen, this can be considered as a radial category, making the ability to agree to reunite in the weak, easy-son "pho", a woman that likes climbing walls away, the children do not like home.
Resolve method: You should put flower pots or planted vines separate reinforcement so that the outside does not inform each other as well. If it's going, use curtain, black can also set the separator, but must do so as not to affect the travel, just place the public is not informed directly with the kitchen.
Express 3
If placed on the ceiling speakers sound long-term, or on lighters or distribute the grind, can be considered as a monitoring force impulse from the ceiling, if it sounds right on the bed, then lying under the bed which will generate long-term illness.
Resolve method: It is best to put the bed away from that place, or do not definitely settle for the best sound.
Express 4
If the rider clause Shui, the house should not present any fish tank, if only to know that the aquarium displays convergence property, but do not know of Hy Ky homeowners rider specialization cancel. Should be identified and avoided.
Resolve method: You should analyze the four pillars of the house to see how Hy Cavalry, which draws from the hydrophobic nature of products with the landlord.
Express 5
Roof rain (usually in the front yard) should be made into arc, avoiding the vanguard would otherwise detrimental to the host, especially on health.
Method of solution: Do not use wet roof, as do most of the dome should not be piercing.
Express 6
Stoves can not be placed opposite the door, the door to the balcony, full kitchen, store room, often committed in bad health and bad luck the other.
Resolve method: You can use the curtain at the door to the kitchen.

Express 7
In the not so arbitrary that the glass mirror placed, easy to break his own school indoor air; Sometimes due to expanding the area in which the glass mirror placed, however if the bedroom is absolutely not put glass, making the gas is reflected in chaos.
Resolve method: If forced to put a mirror hanging on the wall only, definitely not hanging on both sides, especially the opposite, which will form the reflector. If you do not use these things in the house put the mirror glass (Inside the closet, bathroom, dressing room) again finished with eclipses.
Express 8
Indoor plants use water bowls should be chosen carefully. Do not choose plants with long pointed leaves, easy to make the owner sticks to the argument about the dispute. The trees belong to the mandarin and Cat Behind the trees is not recommended, this is the negative tree, if it's all lush indoor range in the "No Net Can - Do not clean."
Resolve method: You should choose the plants have broad leaves, flowers or trees with strong vitality.

Express 9
Toilet absolutely not in between, this is very important, because China is when all nine of supply management in the home so if it is financing pollution, all transportation and health in the home are not good .

Resolve method: If the selected architecture in this range it is best to modify, and if not fix, you should clean up the site, wash tub will also need to regularly, are likely temporary.

Express 9
In addition to the architecture within the exterior architecture is very critical. Someone in the house suddenly surface construction, such as placing a person writes, this is a great rider, it looks like a lump of blood in front of the house. This is the rogue image, it should stay away from this.
Resolve method: If it is not particularly necessary, do not make use of such imagery, and if required, you should consult the experts.
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