The concept of feng shui, bonsai under

The art garden construction, placement, zoom out, put the big mountain wild in the garden scene (fake paint) for the purpose of enjoyment in life.

Garden is a hobby of not only Vietnamese people but also of many people around the world. In Asian art gardens, the Japanese have bonkei, the Chinese have penjing. Both the "bathtub scene" (Confucian text: 盆景) similar to the shoots in Vietnam, the Vietnamese developed their own style incorporates elements of water, while the Japanese and American elements focused on trees Green [1].

According to Dai, the Vietnamese historiography in June in At Dau (985) King Le Dai Hanh, the birthday of the mountain king cover fake people on the river raft to sail around the kings enjoy.

The list is small text book study is also mentioned in the folk play "sink" and "fake paint" that is "empty tank" and "garden." So most likely the animal was from the royal palace and people transmission from increasingly popular.

In Vietnam the term garden is located between a fake mountain small basin of water. Tank size, small, only 15-20 cm, 2-3 m large, to put in the garden, but also when building large 8-9 m at the temples, pagodas and palaces. Small fish tank and are not able to display in the house but the kind of large tanks built in the garden, the ornamental fish can, dropping dirt [2]. Depth range of sinks does not really matter but the gap is the smooth surface essential.

Rock garden, then use up the loose rocks to suck up water from the tank to feed the plants such as coral rock is the best. Hard rock such as limestone, there must be fissured, interstitial vessels close to the water. Rock type, while the Japanese and United stones shaped like an allergic period but when the standard of Vietnamese people up bonsai is shaped like rocks to mountains or islands, are actually more demanding. Up the mountain usually has an odd number such as 1, 3, 5 ... ends up not even number 2,4,6 ... never ends, it is because according to what the retail concept is still more natural [3]. In bonsai art, the soul of a focus on rock, trees are arranged only embellished the mountain's natural features author and not the focus of the small landscape trees should not be so stringent as to play bonsai Japan, however still in proportion, larger trees can not be a high mountain ... by the purpose of art is to attract young viewers to the overall harmony: mountains, quiet water, trees and other decorations on the mountain, near and far focus ...

Garden art building but there are rules and laws are very strict and stringent as the owner, guests, far and near, parity, high and low ... but now the gameplay was more liberal.

Bonsai has a significant position in the way of all garden design and traditional architecture of Vietnam. Folk rock home located in the front yard to the scene to welcome guests. In the temple courtyard, temple grounds also use bonsai as a front to cover definitely wrong with embellished sense of escape for continuous landscapes. Tran Quoc Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Ngoc Son Temple and the Temple of Literature in Hanoi are bonsai courtyard.
Thai Binh Lau

Forbidden City in Hue where the Nguyen kings out there reading large bonsai. Separate from member bonsai is not set but the court like empty mineral Thai Hoa. That's because home is where the expression of authority, not where sightseeing excursion.

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