Shaped house designed by a feng shui.

Each house will bring me a particular shape, typically as square, round, rectangular shapes ... this is partly tied to the bed.

Based on personal meaning of each picture on feng shui, it is applied to select the shape suitable house for the purpose of the work and direction, relative living materials, bring good luck.


Building square represents earth. Not random, but the banks, or corporate offices are often built under the square. According to feng shui rules, square building attached to power and domination. If buildings are located on the square, or opposite to the southwest or northeast are good.

Combined with factors such as soil, using materials of granite, marble will create a strong energy to the earth, bringing good luck for the building.


Triangles related to Mars. The best orientation for this house is north-south axis (Located on the south and north facing). If the building is located on the east or southeast, is also very nice. Because of this orientation, students will Moc Hoa.


Circle means the metal. Best Direction of a round-shaped building is west or northwest, facing east or southeast. For better luck, using more glass and steel materials.


The building has an arc-related factors Shui. Water is constantly moving. Generate the power curve of vision, creating a strong movement as waves. The Marine nice carrying elements are located on the north, facing south. Should steel materials used for the ground floor, to stimulate domestic factors.

The shopping center, exhibition center fit this shape, because it will bring more profits. However, offices or houses are not suitable.

Lotte Mart Commercial Center


Most of the buildings are rectangular. With this shape, will be very lucky if combined with the energy of Jupiter and Mercury, avoid too much glass and concrete. However, blue glass representing the energy of Mercury, is a good idea when choosing materials for the building. This material is seen in most buildings. Wood can be used for home accessories. Nice to build the east, southeast and north.

Blue glass are found in most buildings, to create the energy of Water
(According dothi)


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