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In feng shui, the buffalo symbol is used quite popular in many different forms such as painting, sculpture ...

Buffalo animal which is considered bringing many virtues such as meekness, endurance, so it is a powerful symbol of peace, it adequate. In bagua map, buffalo is a hexagram Kun, owner of the land (earth), that is, the prosperity and sustainability.
In feng shui, the buffalo symbol is used quite popular in many different forms such as painting, sculpture ... When choosing items to decorate, you need to pay attention to the material artifacts.
Buffalo gilded stone powder premature bearing Metal is good for fortune, good for the business, property or long-term investment. Also, according to Feng Shui Blog, buffaloes can also be used to manufacture chemical, covering towns such as the malign II Black, Yellow Marble, turn into sand hung.
If the financial conditions then you go to decorate a gold-plated bronze ox by mascot body with light metallic color will help the cause of rapid progress and ample fortune.

Buffalo could use copper or terracotta, granite colors, but must be combined with specific directions to decorate the effect.
Avoid using buffalo icon (under the Turks) of wood (of the wood) under the five elements of wood carving because Turkey, which Buffalo can not promote spiritual atmosphere. Also, you should pay attention to the demeanor of this mascot.
Place the buffalo in North or North East is the most appropriate. Avoid decorated buffalo in the south or southwest.
Buffalo should be placed in the living room, on the desk where the Luc-being refined as Bach, Bach Bat coordinate projection. Avoid placing where unclean toilets, placed on desks, on the altar, where malignant Black II, referring to posters.
This icon works to support the Snake, Rooster, Pig, Rat, Ox, the Goat should not be used because Ox - Goat conflict, the animals do not promote the spiritual atmosphere.

Also you can:
- Use drawings buffalo or buffalo icon set made of clay, glass, or other material attached to the Turks in the Buffalo area in the house.

- You can activate the Buffalo area (north northeast) with the object of the Turks, because Turkey is the basic element of the Ox. Can also install lights here.
- Ox has 2 other areas very well, which is an area of the Snake and Rooster. Ty is the direction of the South East and West is the direction of the Rooster. Please activate the energy of love in these two directions.

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