Office feng shui help you get a raise

Wage increase is something that anyone would love to do, especially during storms price today. So in addition to efforts at work, refer to the following Feng Shui Tips:

Please choose the type of lamp base to a high shine where you sit, from which heat is generated to create a warm space. This place also attracts many people. Where many people are also the place to find money to.
Hanging pictures
Office space is always more rigid than the house of your beloved. So, do "soft" picture by hanging bright, warm. It will help you reduce the pressure and get the job done efficiently. This means that you can easily achieve higher wages.
Place furniture on the left side

Avoid placing objects on the right of you because if blocked will affect the opportunity to keep money. So things should decorate your left hand side.

Good air circulation also makes people more comfortable. Put up a small desk fans. The comfort that you are very open with colleagues and have a good relationship, that will attract the attention of the boss.
Place the tree in the office
Next seat or on your desk, you can put small pots. Should choose to plant leaves, with significant proliferation wish fortune.

Avoid sharp objects

These often bring sharp objects, "referring to gas," best to remove them from your desk.
Avoid placing stones on the desk

Though beautiful stones, but not good for feng shui office. Many people like to put the rocks, pretty pebbles on the desk but did not know that rock music is very heavy air. Best to remove them. And replace them with a ball with quartz feng shui.

In operation 8, from 2004 to 2023, and gas sands of White Bat stars emit most powerful Saturn dominate the whole friendship. Geomancy ball bearing sands of the Turkish gas, the platform is designed to turn more of its gas emits powerful.

Globe Feng Shui to bring intelligent, erudite, lucid, flowing and open relationships, communicate to you. All successful business, the wealthy, educated, lawyer, politician, were placed balls feng shui your desk.

Globe Feng Shui is to bring respect, confidence, good luck to you. Globe Feng Shui not only brings the intelligence, wealth, fortune, but also works to tame the dangerous weapons brought disease and non-urban fighting by the two stars Seven and Nine Chains Death caused.

Especially for entrepreneurs, geomancy ball ensuring smooth business, prosperity, that is why so many corporate logos of prosperity have the ball.

Usage: Put on your desk. Azimuth and placed on the north-east, compared to the central desk.
No sharp corners opposite

This is perhaps not strange to many people, if faced with sharp corners (corner desk, corner, corner cabinets ...), opportunities for hard money "smile" with you.

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