Notes tiger feng shui to decorate the house

Tiger is the symbol of the powerful, strong, agile and bravery. But for housing should not decorate the tiger in the house ...

All tiger statue

According to feng shui, the sentiment in the Horse, Dog and Tiger Tiger, do not decorate the house. If all the houses where they will easily get sick, have bad luck in the job.
Tigers are considered a homicide, so do not decorate the house. If the layout is easy tiger would cause discord among the family relationship. For stores open, they will also decorate the bad reputation and revenue of the store.

Article rider is not to decorate the tiger in the bedroom (the bedroom is the couple). Because this is the space required confidentiality, privacy. If they will decorate the couple made a restless mood, emotional well being gradually reduced.
If the Tigers placed opposite the main door and the neighbors will make visitors feel unsafe home.

Tiger paintings decorate
If the painting hanging in the Tigers, especially when the Tigers turned in the university is considered assault. Because feng shui is not just that the folk concept most people, they are powerful animals, and when the tiger down the mountain into the house, it will harm people.

If the Tigers hung embroidery will make those who live in the house with the mood of insecurity and often have many sad stories.
Those who do business should not hang paintings mounted as tigers, by thus making the business do not have good luck, little benefit more harm.
Minh Hieu (Archi)

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