Notes in interior decoration is a Real

When the interior decoration of the house, you should learn and heed the rules intolerance according to the concept of feng shui who live in comfortable and peaceful one.

According to feng shui, when designed and decorated a number of important furniture in the house, if committed to the principles of feng shui intolerance will lead to many disadvantages in the lives of family members.

The concept of family is synonymous with warmth, spend, support and mutual caring. So, when all the interior too, the furniture in the home should look set to "protect" each other, should not be placed in locations "close" together. Here are three of the most basic intolerance to your house more "better" in terms of feng shui.

1. Seats and windows
Can humans, plants or pets are enjoyed by the window, because that is where the natural light and fresh air from outside into the house. However, putting a different seat. You should not place because the window seat, a window where sunlight shines on, if placed right next window will impact directly to the surface of the seat and will affect its durability.

About feng shui, if you put a chair by the window will cause the air flow from outside to inside the house becomes disordered, causing adverse effects to attract good luck and fortune of the family. Besides, it is a positive concept sun, when light shines into the home will bring a stream of hot air, will burn a large indoor items such as furniture. So also will lead to dissipation of cash in the house.
2. The ratio between the area of ​​defense and interior

Not only in feng shui, but aesthetically, the size of the furniture should be chosen in harmony with the area of ​​the room and the area of ​​the house. Because if the furniture is too large, fills an area of ​​the room not only cause imbalance in the overall shape of housing but also disrupt the good atmosphere in the house. Conversely, if in a large room where the furniture is too small will cause the air flow was divided into small, detrimental to attracting fortune and influence of family living.
3. Bedroom door and kitchen door

Look at the bedroom door to the kitchen door is not as good as the concept of feng shui. By cooking in place, such as a kitchen fire, the other with kitchen, bedroom always need a balance of harmony between the flow of gas into the house. If the kitchen door opposite the bedroom door leads to the hot air from the kitchen to move straight into the bedroom to cause adverse effects to health and mood of the room. Conversely, the kitchen door facing the bed will also cause adverse effects to the kitchen. By kitchen considered to accumulate money and possessions, if the kitchen door facing the other door in the family's money will likely spread loss, loss.
Minh Hieu (Archi)

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