Neutralize murderous bedroom behind the altar

According to feng shui bedroom is located directly behind the altar will easily cause disadvantages to the couple relationship.

According to the concept of feng shui as well as folk, absolutely not stay in front of or behind the temple gods themselves. This means that the bedroom should not be located immediately behind the altar, Church of God pages Buddha ancestors. According to feng shui bedroom is located directly behind the altar will easily cause disadvantages to the couple relationship.
Similarly, popular not only taboo to put the couple's bedroom after the altar, but also that those aged 12-60 should not sleep in the church immediately behind the site, the altar.

This is to avoid the disadvantages arising for "peach flowers of coast, close to prevent gas, which is bad gas make love couple become blurred, disagreements or disappointed in each other.

Considering the scientific perspective, the common characteristics of humans is associated with or what was happening around her.

If placed adjacent to the bedroom behind the altar, the bed there will often have to smell the incense smoke, hear the chanting, prayer, thereby tapping the gong ... associated with gods, ancestors and those who have died.

Therefore, in the subconscious mind, they will arise thoughts toward spiritual realm, faded with earthly life, relationships with partner ...

For unmarried people, aged 12-60, often live in the following table, the worship of Buddhist thinking, the notion of them (emotionally as well as gender relations) will differ normal. Most of them are not very interested in the romance that has a bias towards the spiritual realm, Spirit Buddhism.

According to the physiological characteristics at the age under 12, children usually have not formed with other people's feelings and had no idea about gender relations.

All those over age 60 who are going to get old, they have gone through all stages of development in terms of psychological and physical. This is the stage where the emotional needs decrease. If they are right behind the altar, the spiritual influence is a bit lighter.

But even then it will be, our thoughts and feelings of those who often live and work behind the altar is more or less influenced by spiritual beliefs. Therefore, it is best not to select the space behind the altar close to the bedroom.

To resolve the murderous bedroom located right behind the altar cause, it is best to choose a more suitable location for a bedroom or select the appropriate location in your home to make places of worship, worship .

If not, you can use other measures to neutralize such as using wood or concrete to prevent the bedroom with the altar, he turned the space into a relatively comfortable passage into one or a furniture warehouse.

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