Find out star Tam Thai Police in the property and Feng Shui

What do you understand why and how to resolve Thailand Tue Tam Supervisors when rearranging the house. While accounting for 900 of Three Police compass because it only affects the main direction.

Thai star property (also known as the Great pulses) affect the space 150 on the compass, which corresponds to the direction of the animal during the year. So, in 2002 (the year the Horse) it affects the South. The chart on the right is the direction of Thai Property in the 12-year cycle.

Older people in a position facing the animal will be in direct conflict with the Thai Tue. For example, in 2002 (the year the Horse), who will meet old conflict Ti Ti face for the Horse within the horoscope. According to Chinese astrology, the elderly face in teaching children will face in shock. 2003 (in MUI), the Thai property in the south / southwest, and Ox in the face. So the Ox will meet in the pulse. Things intolerance towards Thai Tue applied similar to the Five Yellow.
Police neutralize Tam
Year of the Snake, Rooster, Ox: Tam the influence in the east, neutralize by shining a bright light in the corner, or hang wind bells in the room.
Three Supervisors moved west into the Year of the Pig, Rabbit, Goat, neutralize by shining a strong light or put a bucket of water in the west.
In Body, Ti, Thin, Three Police influence in the South, dissolved by placing a glass or bowl to land there.
Year of the Tiger, Horse, Dog, Three Police in the north, neutralize by trees and flowers arranged in the north.

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