Feng Shui tips to bring in wealth for homeowners

With only minor changes, you can bring good luck in the job as well as its financial.

When you have a very pleasant feeling when entering a room? This is because it has employed harmony among five factors, representing the flow of energy surrounding our lives: Kim, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, helps the circulation of energy is gentle, mid- and everything around you.
Chinese people believe that wealth alone is not just about money, which range from finance to health and harmonious relationships in the family.
There are many feng shui tips you can apply in the home and office to increase fortune. One such procedure, which should ensure first, that is to separate resting space and work space. Required business sector and the family living space must have its own space, separate.
The first thing to do, get three coins, tied together with red ribbon wire. Red to attract wealth. Coins have holes in the middle so it is easy to chain them together. Use this character to hook up your front door, which is popular symbol of wealth.
Alternatively, plant a fern pot, 9 coins buried under a tree. Place this pot in the left corner, away from most of the house. When plant growth, means that, in the Kingdom have visited your home. Apart from ferns, conifers placed pots also brings good luck.

Water factor is always associated with wealth. So, fountain, aquarium, or anything related to indoor water not only as a beauty, but also stimulate prosperity.
Colors, blue and black sense of wealth. White candles, gold, silver has shown a desire to be rich in life.
The procedure above will be in vain if your house is a mess. By the clutter will block the flow of positive energy and hinder favorable. Be simple and airy space, by leaving out the papers and items in abundance, spatial arrangement neat, reasonable. This is how "inviting" positive energy, in the Kingdom to reside in the house.
In the office, not sitting turned away doors, nor set the table opposite the door. Because, if turned in the door, you'll be attacked by the bad energy, the table opposite the door, you will be controlled by another power. Best location is sitting turned away from a wall or remote corners of the door. The iconic picture of water such as waterfalls, sea, etc. ... or abstract paintings bring shades of blue, black should be hung on the wall angle to work.
Family photos, to remind you that, why you would want to be rich in life, it can be put in the work space, desk.
If the view from the window outside the cramped, or inspires you, then you can use the wind ring to improve the space. Place the tree in the farthest left corner desk is a symbol of bringing prosperity.
Van Kieu (The Essortment)


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