Feng shui problem for apartment

Apartment is the tendency of many families choose today's youth. However, in addition to facilities such as good service, enjoy the fresh air above the limit problem here is feng shui - an important factor in housing

Most of the townhouses and villas, to address questions related to feng shui is very simple because the design was made based on careful calculations provide the most suitable network and harmony in family home use function. So many families in the apartment when they want to follow the basic principles of feng shui is not no other way is through Digital neutralize or reconstruction "software" of the apartment, much less changes announced Department is available, to be satisfied according to
Here are a few key points are constrained on feng shui in the apartment:

1. Doors
The apartments are designed in sequence, the main gateway into the often opposing, some apartments in insecure locations such as alleys corridor or stairs, so that air transportation will not be good circulation , also being pulse of the opposite apartment. In addition, an inconvenience is that while standing outside the door, can be observed directly in the living room and kitchen. The architects often use separate partitions contingency to avoid kitchen and living room and kitchen doors can look through each other, these walls are also effective for decoration and furniture.
2. User kitchen
Career Concepts Kitchens "Located hung towards the sand" that is located at the worse, looked to the good. Finding a good direction for the kitchen based on the age of homeowners, when towards the kitchen fixed inconsistent with the landlord may change the location of the kitchen but this is very difficult to implement due to problems common water system of the entire building .
3. Bedroom
At least one or two bedrooms in an apartment will have individual bathrooms closed room, but narrower area, so can not be separated from bed and bath, doors may face the same bed will cause harm to health. We need measures to limit this vulnerability, especially those destined for the Marine fire with fire pulse
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