Feng shui dragon decoration bring prosperity to the office air

Dragon is the animal heads in the "sacred animals." It just symbolizes authority, stands for both auspicious wealth. So the dragon decoration in your office can generate prosperity and tame murderous air.
We want to give some attention when decorated with a dragon in the office:

1. Placement decorations

When choosing decorations is a dragon, the dragon should be placed next to water because water would have shown the magic of the mighty dragon, which will maximize the power of the dragon. Since it will take to bode well for the company. Able to dragon ornaments on aquarium fish tank or two, so students will have the effect fortune.

Dragon is not so arbitrary to avoid the opposite effect. Do not get dragon because it looks dry scene "wide by shallow water shrimp having fun." This can bring difficulties and disadvantages of a company's business.

2. Career dragon set

When ordering decorative dragon head dragon should be oriented to the river or sea. However, if the office away from the river and sea, it is difficult to obtain and gas wealth. In this case should put a pair of black or gray stone dragon in the window upstairs, high head well out to sea or river. Such is the "song of sea dragon" can generate wealth and bring more luck to the office.

If inside and outside the office would have no water, the dragon can be placed toward the north. Because of the North Water, is a Marine air direction relative prosperity, well suited for hydrophilic capital dragons.

3. Place where the dragon rider

If front office is dirty gutter should not be placed with a dragon decorations, because it will make the dragon was dirty, so that employees in the company or sickness, disease.

Although dragons are animals but because it is auspicious beast species strong institutions capable of overcoming very unfavorable for the Dogs. Thus, the head office or firm is Dogs should not decorate the dragon.
5. Note the dragon paintings hanging in the office

There are so many things shaped layout dragon, but when choosing the dragon painting should hang in the glass cage, with golden borders and hanging north.
If the dragon has nine paintings in which the work must have a leading. Otherwise they would become lost dragon head, causing a lot of notoriety, non-market, bringing bad luck to the company.

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