Feng shui colors for the house of Aquarius

Aquarius should avoid bright red and the color of dark tones.

Trend of life

Characteristics: Aquarius people are creative and independent. They do not like when someone lives under house arrest.

Networking: Kim
Network color: White, Gold, Lead
Good Color: Yellow, brown, brown brick
Bad colors: Red, Red, Orange
Same issue of Birth: Marine
Act like carving: Wood
The trend of living space
The best colors: Aquarius people best suited to the environment by the contrast in colors such as white, green, orange and pink. This helps enhance positive energy for the provision of Aquarius. It is best to avoid the bright red and the color of dark tones.
The same design life: the provision of Aquarius needs space before the house to bring wealth to the landlord. The house is so spacious, airy and divided into lots of space.
Furniture like living: For the supply of Aquarius, the steel material earth bring luck and good fortune.


Pottery will bring good luck for Aquarius
Relative living trees: the provision of Aquarius, we plant flowers and bon-sai paper front to bring good luck for the hosts.
Living land relative shapes: trapezoid
Good Direction: North, East, Northeast, Southeast
The negative direction: West, South
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