Designed according to feng shui dining room

The dining room is the main living space where all family members spend the day working hard ...

Dining room must be clean, so clear, but still not enough to the feng shui and full of life.

In feng shui, the dining room of the rustic, wood carving biochemical and brothels, were etched metal and aquatic life. Therefore when designing, arranging and decorating the dining room to avoid conflict with the needle is rustic and increase the water is born of a tree.

Dining room design principles

The dining room is like the other rooms in family houses should be built with a square or rectangle. According to feng shui concept dining room should not be defective, a convex or concave corners on. Absolutely avoid design placed under the dining room of the upstairs bathroom, this would make a good carrier of the family dining room and oppressed.

Công ty truyền thông Archi - Thiết kế phòng ăn hợp phong thủy
Dining room should be built with a square or rectangular, set in the South

Dining room should be located near the center of the house, the most reasonable position is in the middle of the living room and kitchen. Also, it should not be placed under the dinner table or next to the stairs, especially in the form of herringbone style open staircase, vulnerable to dust and gas moving up and down stream instability, lack of hygiene.

Windows left and right sides of the dining room wall is not designed for the opposite will take elements from the air in the room. Transport gas into the room will go from this door, can not build up in the room that goes straight out through the door opposite the other.

Direction of the dining room in the house is the best family south, in the light of full sun each day to join the increasingly prosperous renaissance.

Separate dining room and living room

Công ty truyền thông Archi - Thiết kế phòng ăn hợp phong thủy
Using lightweight bulkhead separating the dining room and living room

Dining table should not be placed too near the stove, where vulnerable smoky smell of spices and sauce, salt, should have walls or cabinet. Should not be located too close to the living room table because it is very inconvenient when you have guests to play at lunch time. You can use the cupboard, fronts, partitions to divide the dining area and living room.

Although located near the center of the dining room in the house but should not look directly out the front door or back door. Also, if additional factors considered personal, not looking the dining room doors will help members of the family's comfort food, do not lose the natural feeling when a client went into the house.

Color and light

Colors are pretty important role in decorating the dining room because it has a large effect on the quality meals. In the interior, the dining room should use bright colors to decorate. The color of the fish and plants such as blue, green, white ... are consistent with this cozy space. Special attention not to use warm colors like red, orange, bright yellow (the fire) ... to paint the dining room wall, making more room hot and cause discomfort.

Dining room should use indirect lighting, the dining table should have a drop light, lamp light shooting is unknown. Can use flowers to decorate the dining room more beautiful, and also works to promote and add oxygen to the family fortune.

Công ty truyền thông Archi - Thiết kế phòng ăn hợp phong thủy
Light has an important role in decorating the dining room because it has a large effect on the quality meals

Decorated dining room, so how the yin and yang are balanced, if the sound is heavier than air transport is not good for the family, if the oxygen is too heavy will cause family discord. Do not hang pictures or display ancestors ancient objects in the dining room, because the images and objects will increase the negative atmosphere. Also, in the dining room should not put multiple devices such as televisions, karaoke staging or computer ... easy to get distracted while eating and not good for health.

In the dining room to hang a mirror, which reflects the good food on the table, effectively increasing multifold fortune to the family. Also, you can put statues Phuc - Loc - Life symbolizes wealth, health and longevity for everyone in the family.

Types should avoid hanging fruit, delicious fresh food in the dining room. Tangerines symbolize wealth, peaches symbolize health and longevity, pomegranate symbolizes all the children. These images were recently brought to the family fortune, just help people feel more at food delicious.

Shape and location table

Công ty truyền thông Archi - Thiết kế phòng ăn hợp phong thủy
Small dining table in an apartment designed by the rotating bar is compact and lightweight partition between the kitchen and living room

The type of round table, square, oval and rectangular usually selected families placed in his dining room space. However, according to feng shui, the shape of the table is better to have round or oval (oval) representing national industry flourished, the relationship between family members always in harmony, unity .

If you use a table square or rectangular, so cleverly hides the sharp corners or sharp corners to avoid sitting in the food and drink. Also, the best dining table should also be made of wood, because wood is the wood, featured in the dining room should promote.

Not placed under the rafters because the table might make him feel like sitting under pressure weighed heavily on his mind as eating uncomfortable. If no space to move the table, can neutralize the crossbar by hanging in a lake lot.

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