Create a romantic atmosphere for the bedroom

In addition to focusing colors also pay attention to the logical arrangement of furniture can increase the romance and attraction to your lover.

Some simple ways that we provide below will help you find part of my love and have good feelings, with someone you love sustainable.
Should place a glass of bedhead

In traditional feng shui, sleep will bring good energy. So, when you lose sleep, energy sources that will gradually disappear. To keep the energy source for the bedroom, you can put in a bedside glass of water and glasses of water should be used with ceramic material is best.
More lights lit romance

The beauty of the light source will provide guidance subdued romantic atmosphere in the room to help you enjoy life more and more confident. It is a simple way to help your mood stable and comfortable stay. Want to maintain or to begin a love, you should need to maintain the peaceful soul.
"Soften" window

Maybe your bedroom always feel cold because the windows are designed with metal such as iron, aluminum ... Therefore, you should use this material for wooden windows, or if you've used, you should install metal curtain fabric with soft colors like yellow, pink, orange and put a few potted plants next door window helps warm relaxing space and softer.
For spouses bedroom, put potted plants or flower pots hanging in the doorway will stimulate positive airflow to happier marriages.

Romantic use of color

According to feng shui, red, orange, yellow is the color always brings life to the room and the color stimulus of human emotions. So, in the bedroom you should use the furniture, decorations or wall paintings with three colors on will contribute to increase the catalyst of love and increased opportunities to help you find love faster .
Lu Bao (Archi)

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