7 attention decorating with feng shui living room

The main room is the center of the house, decorating the living room feng shui will help increase good luck, fortune and happiness.
For a room with feng shui, you can refer to the following factors.
1. Azimuth

Room can see the "face" of the house, so when choosing the location for this room, you should choose a room near the door because this is the appropriate location for circulation and accumulation of gas. If you have or suspension of the corridor, you should clean neat and clean, always ensure adequate lighting for the entrance to the air flow into the circulation. If the townhouse or villa with multiple floors, you should choose a room at a lower position than the kitchen and bedroom family home easily to observe all activities in the home.
2. Shaped room

Room should choose square or rectangular is best, sitting area should correspond to the shape of the room. For example the living room with a rectangular or square, you should list the sofa in the shape of L. If forced to choose a square room is not that much you should list cabinets or other furniture so that gaps in the square. Or if you have alternate angle should be used to create the mirror symbolizes the living room corner.
3. Adjust furniture

There are decorative objects or wall will not affect the air flow moving in the room, such as swords, medals, stuffed animals ... According to Feng Shui, the material on the wall will easily lead to controversy, causing discord in the home for people.
4. Airflow circulation

Should select the place airy, dry room in the house to order. By the airflow into the house always goes from the entrance gate to the room, if the house is not clean, the smell from the drains will cause poor air flow into the house, not only affect the transport of harmful gases, but also good for the health of family members.
5. Ensure light

When choosing a room to room in the house, you should choose a more spacious and light into the room. Besides, you should choose a color that is bright colors, because according to feng shui, the light can bring many good luck and wealth to your family rather than dark colors.
6. Note to the floor

You must ensure that the living room floor is designed flat. If floors are designed high-low partition will easily cause waves, ups and downs of family life.
7. Should be selected round ornaments

Room is where family and friends regularly meet, chat together. So, should create a pleasant atmosphere and friendly room. One way to add a warm atmosphere that is using decorative circle: for example, circular lights, ceiling circular shape, round tea table ...

Lu Bao (Archi)

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