10 principles of feng shui concern

Feng Shui is a matter of concern in construction, as well as design houses to bring peace and fortune, ...

1. A system can adjust
A science must have completed a whole unified system of review. Previously we encountered the debris of a unified theory should have the impression that Feng Shui is a science-sighted lack of system.

Actually it should be adjusted based on a review system, people-centered by nature, natural geographical coverage of all things, the circumstances surrounding the many factors we have a mutual relationship, limiting , the mutual existence, mutual opposition and reform.

Feng shui aims to study tracing these factors, considered to optimize the structure factors to find the best combination. Geomancy is always attention to the nature of the whole situation.

Trach Kinh Emperor wrote: "For the world as a body of water such as taking blood vessels, taking land as flesh, taking herbs such as hair, get dressed as road building, taken as land border port caps, negative elected as thinking seriously consider such as the Upper Sand. "

Such application of this principle in Feng Shui is subject to thorough consideration of all factors surrounding environment, coordination, and eliminate them interact in a unified system of putting people at the center.

Geomancy also need to get modern man, live the purpose of human work as the focus.

2. Human principles - Land suitable

This principle is based on the nature of the objective circumstances to adapt to the purpose and mode of living of people. Our country's terrain, mountains and rivers varied, extended local circuit, diverse climate and soil, topography, lack of uniformity.

Each region has a unique domain of each individual on land, river vessels circuit mountains, climate, rainfall, much less forest. Northwestern mountains are the same message, cold climate air-launched museum should avoid cold air intrusion, avoid flooding landslides.

The sunny south, rain of fire prevention and drought. Therefore, specific to each region partitioning is consistent with how Feng Shui, which is in harmony with how the living conditions and work of man.

3. Principles-based paint aquatic

Princess principles based paint is water at the most basic principles of feng shui, painting of local circuit is the beginning of energy, water is the mother of all things, if there is no water circuit, the circuit mountain people and things do not may exist.

Bake according to the painting of water divided into two types, the first is "how grave paint" the land surrounding the grave, a grave which is around three sides surrounded by mountains populations, in the middle of a Vacuum, side Men's grave is proving liberal big way.

The country's mountain circuit extends the same message from the Northwest - Southeast, stretching over hundreds of miles suddenly converge, 3 West, North, East convergence of three mountain peaks such as the lotus lotus expands to embrace the stigma, in the middle of a grave good.

If the villages and towns are peaceful development. If a small grave in the family wealth or prestige play many lives, young and old men and women welfare hierarchy rules long service life.

The second type is "vented cover painting," that is taking a master central mountains, houses built to take back that relies on the mountain, overlooking the surroundings. Mountains in back protection shield for the shielded plasma, air museum which is launched from standard principles of Feng Shui.

Beautiful mountains, sand, fresh local convergence circuit, the front mountain lakes often converge as intelligent way, the coordinates mountain river view often found in the graves are beautiful on Feng Shui.

4. Observe the principles of

Feng shui is extremely important observation of the air circuit, water paint because there is direct relationship to the study report, to be observed through the negative correlation with the local university. If the Department of Hung Vuong, even if the negative is also not afraid to be bad, if both are bad, do not use.

At first must consider the long painted vessels from nowhere, after considering the specific peaks in the long, consider reinforcing ways, shape the nature of the talk circuit, consider sa paint, to water, water go, then consider intelligent way to see where the local grave is located.

Many times through the observation of partially identified by drawing welfare, it also is critical of schools of the world when considering Feng Shui.

The most common way is to look to see how long circuit run by the how, then examined where paint pants long coordinates or where the vessel changes direction is certainly grave, looking grave cover painting, based to find a clever way water, then talk to the grave nature of good and evil based on the mountains of water, that's the case painting, sand painting, to aquatic, marine travel.

5. Geological evaluation

Feng shui can not have science in geology, geological own subjects has shown that it is closely related to the health of human life.

People always have these electromagnetic fluctuations, right around there are electromagnetic fields affect human health through the interference of the waves.

These biochemical factors are also extremely important because it affects climate and water resources where people live. May inquire through the following elements:

- Biochemistry: The quality of the soil contain elements beneficial to health, to avoid the radioactive elements or harmful to health.

Through observing the color, the taste of the land, should be bright colors, red or yellow, black or brown smooth, avoid foul smells fishy. Soil quality can also play through the growth of vegetation around the grave.

- From the field: If the land exists or magnetic radiation will adversely affect daily life, from school uniform to avoid scratch, through measurements in many locations compass can be determined from field of grave good or bad.

We have felt the school of radiation through the pendulum from the field to evaluate good and bad decisions of grave seriousness. Even during construction is necessary note that, to avoid the source of magnetic fields are harmful to the grave.

6. Evaluation of water resources

Water is extremely important for organisms in general and humans in particular. About feng shui, water is the main artery to her guard comes painted vessels. The quality of the land decided by the quality of the water from underground.

Geomancy classic missions focus on "the broken heart of air, water usually get gas," which always get quality water to gauge the good and bad air. Note the following experience in the quality of water: one is the best quarter in the emerald green water, sweet water or emit foul fishy odor is not all of you.

Gas liquid white, the bar, warm the middle of the quarter. Deep-water circuit should be long, low autumn-winter-spring seasons are not exhausted. Avoid water colors black, red, fierce water, turbid water foul fishy or bitter all dangerous weapons.

To note that if the bad elements will be harmful to human health but modern science also indicates that these factors can cause diseases such as cancer.

7. Situated north-south

For the northern provinces, mainly influenced by tropical monsoon climate, the monsoon blows from the north usually carry so-called sound cold room, all harmful to human health and everything.

South-east winds are usually warm, more water vapor is called good style brought much positive atmosphere positive. From the old houses are often chosen because it is both situated north to the south to avoid cold, just take the summer south wind.

However, for areas in the south, the inference reversed, the north is a good way to set the direction. Through the five elements of yin and yang of the azimuth reflect the nature of the climate and the transport of air flow over time and space.

8. Central principle of harmony

Consideration in a unified whole, the most important Feng Shui Yin and Yang harmony embodied in the principle of housing should harmoniously, not high not low, not sideways deviation, usually designed on the principle of balance , Tam symmetrical shape, but four.

If the picture is too high, she called all positive excesses is not good. If the call is too low so she sounds all the shortcomings, requiring high, moderate proportions. After building works will form the gas, the transport of gas depends very much on the architectural planning.

To get gas flowing realm, from gas, to avoid direct gas radiation, dispersed, intelligent way to fit wide open graves to gather courage before the grave. Get a main central building, the design method described property to support the center, avoiding large or far from the center to enhance the king I reign.

9. Principles for reform

Apart from the merits of the natural mountain river, find out where students gathered to build gas. Also natural is not always optimal in all aspects. Through a survey finding of grave disability, how to use the appropriate reform would fix feng shui of solving the problems.

If lack of water can be painted in the construction of the simulator, air museum can be built together to guide the flow of air going in the direction appropriate to avoid being dispersed. If air quality, water can actually weaned gradually turned violent purge of sand or at least support the bad part.

10. Merit the long-range climate

The final destination of feng shui is to achieve the God-Land - The interoperability. To use, expression which is the energy of heaven and earth, man must also obtain the corresponding values ​​of spirituality with the same empathy.
Requires prisoners merit, just when the new faith to find the grave you better harmony with their inborn. Governed by the law of karma ultimately all human activity.

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