Wall Corner Shelf DA14KOT465

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Triangle Corner Shelf is a compact, lightweight, modern design, just as beautiful, just neat space, very convenient.

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Space in the corner often perceived as dead angle, it is difficult to layout. However, with 1 corner shelf, corner wall of your house will look better, two side shelves are decorated with iron bars do flatter curvy beauty bold modern network without losing the classic features

You can utilize this area to both increase storage space just as beautiful home. Corner shelf is usually moderate area and used to garnish ornaments, or used as a mini shelf 1. When arranging furniture have joined together to create the space to be warm, gracious in your house, to stop the corner no longer "dead corners" in your house anymore.

Wall Corner Shelf DA14KOT465

Wall Corner Shelf DA14KOT465

Wall Corner Shelf DA14KOT465

Wall Corner Shelf DA14KOT465

Wall Corner Shelf DA14KOT465

Wall Corner Shelf DA14KOT465

Product Information:


Triangular corner shelves wall
Features: use and decoration
Material: steel bending art
Six colors: white, black
Products beautiful interior
Reasonable price, high quality
Help your space more beautiful home
Contact Information:
Showroom: 46 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District
Tel: 08 35147667 - 094 8888 385

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