Decorative candles Dong An


Decorate the space becomes more meaningful and romantic light of candles flickering is how so many people love .

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Light a candle ornament vivid and extremely handy for your space . With shimmer and 1 romantic candle burning , radiating to space a warm hues , dark family atmosphere , especially during the holidays , such as Christmas coming . Candles decorated with beautiful designs , but you can also put on the table , but you can also hook up with a sure hook , suitable for decoration and as gifts for friends .

Decorative candles Dong An

What a beautiful house and is ideal where dating was decorated with candles shimmering colorful , meaningful and equally romantic if you want to let him know " Heart Lyrics want to say " your person.

Decorative candles Dong An

Decorative candles shaped hexagon , made ​​of steel and glass . Product size 21x12 , 5 cm (height x diameter ) , relatively small, furnished and equipped to move . Products have rich colors to choose from : white , pink , red , blue, black ...

Decorative candles Dong An

The sound of the glass windshield , good morning to dissipate as candles . Material glass also helps users easy to clean after use lights . The star-shaped hollow on the lid has provided effective air to burn candles , the medium will be used to decorate , make products more attractive . The edges and bottom of the splendid cast light smooth and rounded , without causing scratches when exposed skin , safe for use .

Decorative candles Dong AnDecorative candles Dong An

Users easily perform tasks instead of candles because the product C of the door wide and 9cm high . Protruding latch is designed to help users easily open / close the candle instead . Users can also use products such as a lamp hanging by straps hanging parts mounted on the top , made ​​of steel , 2mm diameter , 15cm long . Candle Tray 4.2 cm wide , with a depth of 1 cm , making it easier candles fixed , limited fall - down when lit , suitable for many types of candles .

Product Information :

- Manufacturer : Vietnam by Swedish technology

- Dimensions : 21x12 , 5 cm (height x diameter )

- Material: Steel , glass

- Weight : 500g

- Color: White , pink , red , blue, black ..

Note the use of the product :

- Do not use candles too long .

- You can use essential oils to relax candles .

- Fixed Set products before lighting candles .

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Decorate the space becomes more meaningful and romantic light of candles flickering is how so many people love .


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