Tables and chairs for small garden beautiful

Tables and chairs for small garden beautiful

  • Code:DA14-BG21
  • Sale Price:5,340,000 vnđ

Large house with a cool garden is the ideal living space. But a small angle is too full for those who love nature, cared to know each petal grass. So tired after work back home can breathe the fresh air of nature.

Iron furniture art DA14-BG21

Iron furniture art DA14-BG21 (Score: 2,950,000 VND; Chair: 1.195.000 VND)

You can just enjoy your garden all to be a part of it. Therefore, the garden needs at least a reasonable space to put in a small piece of furniture or a swing. It's great to sit tea, read a book or chatted with friends.

Bàn ghế sắt nghệ thuật DA14-BG22

Iron furniture art DA14-BG22 (Score: 2.92 million VND; Chair: 5.15 million VND)

Iron furniture art DA14-BG24

Iron furniture art DA14-BG24 (Chair: 1,380,000 VND)

Not only to serve the needs rest, but combined with the campus decorate your garden more beautiful and harmonious part but also extremely comfortable.

Iron furniture art DA14-BG25

Iron furniture art DA14-BG25 (Score: 2,950,000 VND; Chair: 1,320,000 VND)

Iron furniture art DA14-BG26

Iron furniture art DA14-BG26 (Score: 3.85 million VND; Chair: 1,450,000 VND)

Product information:
Material: Steel bending art
Features: Use and decorations
Color: Many colors for you to choose (white, black, black emulsion co ......)
Contact Information:
Iron Art showroom Dong An
46 Nguyen Huu Canh, P 22, Binh Thanh District
Tell: 08 3514 7667 - 094 8888 385


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