Nice house with iron furniture art

Nice house with iron furniture art

  • Code:DA14-BG37
  • Sale Price:6,500,000 vnđ

From iron generally, on hands of the workers become products of natural textures and soulful. Iron art suitable for many different spaces, with the pattern modeled classic type of Western architecture.

No cold and monotonous as what people normally think of iron furniture. The furniture made of iron art home decoration used in promoting good features and good performance of his role, just make sure you use the very art of decorating.

Beautiful iron furniture DA14-BG37

Beautiful iron furniture DA14-BG37 (Score: 3.800.000VND; chair: 1.350.000VND)

Not surprising when you walk into a house with the iron tables and chairs. Because iron art today are increasingly creating attractive market interior decoration. Architectural space becomes full of charisma when we use iron art furniture to sit sit sipping tea or a cup of coffee in the morning.

Iron furniture art DA14-BG38

Iron furniture art DA14-BG38 (Score: 3.820.000VND; chair: 1.410.000VND)

Iron furniture art DA14-BG39

Iron furniture art DA14-BG39 (Chair: 1.320.000VND)

The hands and the creativity of the design, materials rough iron, hardness can be combined harmoniously with many different materials such as bamboo, rattan, wood ... even mattress, glass. ... Appeared in the lines of the pattern picky, sophisticated ... the curling iron art products always create a sense of sophistication and originality.

Dining table with iron DA14-BG40

Dining table with iron DA14-BG40 (Score: 4.500.000VND; chair: 1.250.000VND)

Product information:

Iron furniture art
Use and decoration
Vintage and rustic look
Solution great seat
Structural solid and durable
Material: Wrought Iron bending art
Colors: white, black, peristaltic
Some assembly required

Contact Information:
Showroom: 46 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District
Tel: 35147667 - 093 209 8866

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