beautiful outdoor iron furniture

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beautiful outdoor iron furniture

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New Trends in the world of outdoor furniture iron Art Deco magazine published a series of articles, to see it come into focus more modern, sophisticated, practical and retains the countryside look. Highlights furniture is made ​​entirely of durable wrought iron art just being pretty. In Vietnam, the East India Company for the introduction of iron outdoor furniture patterns also tend to go along with it. Therefore, iron outdoor furniture was domestic consumers using more and more.  


Thiết kế lịch lãm sang trọng của bộ bàn 12 ghế 

Designed entirely by special iron, the seat back is meticulously wrought bending each line with just enough help or inclination to sit always comfortable, the chair legs simple, solid and always keep your balance. You can also add parts to create a soft mattress for sitting. With the beautiful iron outdoor furniture you can comfortably prolong the conversation after dinner. Besides, to bring warmth to the space when the cold wind blows, then an outdoor fireplace is also a handy way to keep warm. 



Along with the house, then shoots iron iron outdoor furniture helps us feel better than a new season, changes daily humdrum life in the moment to enjoy fresh, fresh on the outside, in where you can sit around a holiday meal as a family every day and watch the sunset 


Một buổi tiệc ngoài trời ấm cúng bên gia đình 

Taking the sample is iron table and chairs are naturally curved design looks elegant aesthetics to bring the same period. An iron outdoor furniture enliven space are factors that we need to achieve. 

Sự đồng bộ về màu sắc luôn đem lại cái nhìn tươi mới

Chiếc bàn được thiết kế thanh lịch

Samples outdoor iron furniture this beautiful, intended to be produced in August. 2014, with an estimated population of 100 sets (1 table + 4 chairs). You need to refresh your garden, or you have to change the bulbs, please contact with us to order. We donate 20 decorative garden candles for the first 20 customers to order. 
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Tel: 08 35147667 - 094 8888 385 (Ms. Nhung) 


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