5 iron furniture beautiful form 2014

Outdoor furniture is a perfect choice to add "spice" to the summer outdoor spaces such as garden, patio, poolside or even terrace.

5 iron furniture beautiful form 2014

  • Code:DA14-BG073
  • Sale Price:8,750,000 vnđ

One of the ideas we are looking for garden decor trend this summer is the appearance of painted iron furniture brings elegance and luxury in addition to creating stunning visual effects for the garden. 5 beautiful form iron furniture meets the above criteria, they offer special classical look of the mid-20th century.

 DA14-BG073, Giá 6,100,000đ/ vnđ

White represents elegance and sophistication. Each chair is part of a cleverly designed, seat back tilt moderately associated with the width of the seat to help the user want to sit down and relax after a stressful working hours and fatigue.


Bàn ghế sắt đẹp DA14-BG074

Bàn ghế sắt đẹp DA14-BG075

This beautiful iron furniture has achieved the perfect balance between functionality and style. Part vignettes and table seating surface is cut by CNC combines the curved lines on the back of a chair helps beautiful and luxurious furniture.


Bàn ghế sắt đẹp DA14-BG076

Full furniture and wrought iron features, countertops made ​​of corrugated iron or stone Mosaic promises to bring fun outdoor party for family members.


Bàn ghế sắt đẹp DA14-BG077

The beautiful form of iron furniture to cater to the direction of rest, relaxation, so this is a perfect choice for outdoor locations such as garden, pool, balcony near the beach, porch, .. he was put in the position of this beautiful iron furniture are still showing high design for each different purpose.







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