Pretty small iron tables and chairs for babies

Beautiful iron furniture for baby nursery and primary bear appearance, consisting of parallel lines, giving the baby soothing feeling when sitting on them.

Pretty small iron tables and chairs for babies

  • Code:DA14-BGTE01
  • Sale Price:5,250,000 vnđ
On the market today, the kind of kids furniture are made ​​of plastic so they are not high durability, easy to color, especially perishables during use affect the safety of the baby . So, when selecting furniture for the sitting player, you need to reference material, style and durability of them. 
With cute little iron tables and chairs to help our kids enjoy sitting play, study, eat or drink, ... with white or black designs suitable for both boys and girls,


Thiết kế nhỏ gọn xinh xắn cho các bé

This iron tables and chairs suitable for children from 2 years old to 10 years old, tole points table with CNC cut flowers pretty cute border around table legs were caught by screw latches on the table for so long extremely uncertain. In addition, the tables and chairs are powder coated so you can feel safe when using the paint color.

Mặt bàn tole cắt CNC hoa mai

You will feel happiness when iron furniture donated this lovely for their children, they are very happy and thank my parents who always loved and won for them the most amazing thing, he just likes to sit on their desks while playing, when to eat and when studying, ... because they compact and easy to assemble so you can remove placed in any position, in the house, the yard, the aquarium, pool,. 

Ngồi chơi với các chú gấu bông xinh xắn

Con gái tôi rất yêu thích bộ bàn ghế này

Có được bộ bàn ghế mà bé yêu thích sẽ giúp bé vui cũng như tập cho bé tính trật tự và nề nếp khi sử dụng. Hãy giành trọn tình yêu của mình vào những món đồ chơi hữu ích cho bé bằng một bộ bàn ghế sắt đẹp. Mời các bạn ghé showroom chúng tôi xem mẫu, và đừng quên dắt theo bé để bé cảm nhận và tự chọn cho mình bộ bàn ghế bé thích nhé.

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