• Code:DA14-MOT22
  • Sale Price:980,000 vnđ
Mosaic table surface is beautiful piece of furniture when you combine with iron art furniture we will give you your very own decorative style without being boring. To help you more options we would like to introduce 5 beautiful mosaic tabletop patterns by the East India Company production in 2014.
Inspired by the leaves, twigs, flowers have withered, we give birth to 5 sample table with classic style, rustic. The ceramic pieces with different colors are artfully arranged to create a picture with a certain charisma.
Mẫu bàn tròn Mosaic ra mắt tháng 8.2014 DA14- MOT21
Mẫu mặt bàn Mosaic cho cafe sân vườn DA14-MOT022
 Bàn tròn Mosaic bán chạy nhất 2014
Mẫu mặt bàn Mosaic bán chạy nhất năm 2013  DA14-MOT011
Mẫu mặt bàn Mosaic đẹp cổ điển DA14-MOT25

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